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Founded by Tracey and Kay-leigh, our home-to-home moving service is built on family values and understanding the difference between moving house and moving your home.

Our story started over 35 years ago, during which time we have worked for some of the best-known moving companies in the world. Having worked for these companies, helping thousands of families with their UK house moves and moving abroad, we wanted to bring our own brand of home-to-home moving service to a wider audience.
And so, in 2020, we started MayClaire.

Our home-to-home moving services

Home moving and storage

Let us pack your home contents with love and care. We can store, transport and deliver all your personal possessions.
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International moving

Our home-to-home moving services can help you and your family move down the road or to any country in the world.
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Welcome Home service

Unique to MayClaire. No other moving company offers such a level of personalised professional support for settling in to your new home.
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Talk to one of our home-to-home moving experts or request a move quotewithin 24 hours

People we help to move home

Most of us will move house eight or more times in our lifetime. That’s a lot of people moving home.

Over the years, our team at MayClaire has helped thousands of happy customers to move home. During this time, we have also handled just about every type of moving requirement you can imagine and we love it when a customer is happy.
An extra level of home moving support
We help happy couples move into their first homes, families with pets relocate to new countries, parents downsizing after their children have moved out of the family home, and lots more.

We are also especially proud to say that we support those people who need that extra level of support when it comes to moving home, including large families, elderly relatives and people who have disabilities.

Moving services with a big heart

Based in the UK, we have all the expertise needed to make your home move as easy as possible – within the UK or internationally.

Our unique MayClaire Welcome Home service makes us different from other moving companies. Provided on every MayClaire move, we offer the extra level of personalised after-care support to help make your new house feel like a home. 
How our home moving service works

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Our service has been developed over the past 35 years of helping people move and a shared love of making peoples’ lives better.

Contact Us
The first step is to contact us. You can call us, email or use our move quote.

Your moving assistant
One of our team will respond to your request immediately as your moving assistant. They will need to understand your moving requirements, including where you are moving to and from, the volume and type of personal possessions you wish to move when you want to move and a few more details.

A video survey of your home and contents
We can usually provide an indicative estimate over the phone. For an accurate quote, we will arrange for a survey of your home and contents first. This can be a video call using your mobile device or a home visit.

Move quote and booking
We provide an accurate quote for your move within 24 hours. Booking is easy and you can pay online or by direct transfer.

Professional guidance and information
Don’t worry about documents, explainer videos or endless reading lists. Your moving assistant provides personalised guidance, focused only on what is needed for your move. This saves you time and makes it simpler.

Talk with moving experts – not chatbots
Tell us how you prefer to communicate; video call, phone, WhatsApp or email? You will also always talk with a human, no AI chatbots or complicated call waiting systems - just moving experts you can trust.

Home-to-home service coverage
Our service and guidance covers you from the point when you are planning your move to when you are settled into your new home.

Packing up your home
The people we use to pack in your home are people we have known for many years and would trust in our own family homes to pack our most treasured delicate items.

Additional specialist services
If you are moving with a family pet, have a beloved classic vehicle or a delicate family heirloom that require extra special love and care, then we can help.

Transportation and storage
We help with the paperwork, making sure everything is prepared correctly ready for transportation. If you are moving internationally this could be by air, sea or road. In each case we handle the customs and documentation and clearance process.

Delivery and unpack in your new home
Our service includes delivery to your home, unpacking and same day debris removal. We can arrange furniture re-assembly and placing items in your home.

Welcome Home service
Our Welcome Home service is exclusive to MayClaire and provided on all our moves. It provides ongoing personalised support to help with the unique elements of what you need to settle into your new home. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Our Promise
Our moving services come right from the heart. When you move with MayClaire we promise:

• The prices we quote are fair.
• You will always be able to speak to a human for professional guidance.
• We will do everything we can to make your move the best possible experience.


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